America: WTF

Pinch me. Literally someone pinch me.

Everyday I wake up and think I’ve fallen asleep with the television on. It’s as if the United States of America has been warped into a telenovela/twilight zone mash-up.

It’s like the curtains open and its dark, causing confusing times where for some odd reason, the majority feels slighted. Cowardice, tiki wielding white men of America believe that they are losing all the privilege that has been bestowed upon them by their bigoted ancestors. They feel as if their livelihood is being threatened although they can openly bare all arms, use all excessive force and cast hate that shakes fear into the lives of many minority groups, and why?  Because just like in a novela there must be a bruja, a villain, controlling the minds of the vapidly dense. Some sinister being telling them it’s okay to let that hate out; that everyone’s to blame for their anger.

“Mexicans are bringing in drugs into the country. They are rapist and murderers”, meanwhile former Stanford swimmer Brock Tuner can do what he pleases with unconscious women and get a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile heroin addicts have clean, safe places to shoot up because it’s a white epidemic. Meanwhile one is dead and 19 others injured because Nazi sympathizers are allowed to rally in the streets. Professing hate speeches that apparently equates to free speech.

When I watch the news my eyes glaze over. I wait for the colors to fade to black and white. I wait for Rod Sterling  to comes across the screen, welcoming me to  a place that lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his the god damn Twilight Zone.

I mean it must be an alternative universe where a police officer can kill an innocent woman for a traffic stop. Where being from the Middle East bars you entering the land of opportunity because the president finds wearing a hijab threatening. Where domestic terrorist can be taken into custody unharmed because they look like a “good kid” that’s lost their way.

But the shows not over – there’s the tailspin. There is the epic scene where the entire Trump administration starts rushing for the doors like a circus clown car. Sean Spicer bails, followed by an even more dramatic 10-day exit by the caricature that was comically dubbed “The Mooch”, Anthony Scaramucci. Not to mention the James Comey transcripts that read like a SNL skit. Wow, unbelievable right? Must be a hoax.

I wish, because that confusion comes to a standstill when I’m pinched. When I realize that we’re all seeing the same thing and it’s not a joke. That this is real life and it’s a country divided. A country ran by a man-child. I can’t change the channel and turn it to something better but I can be aware and so can you. Don’t ignore what’s going on in this world. Your silence is not and will not be accepted. Whether you’re black or white, Latino or Asian, LBGTQ or heterosexual, no one should be standing alone. No one should be afraid to stand up for what’s right because I truly believe at the end of the day, good can stop evil dead in its tracks.



Cynthia Bernadeau

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One thought on “America: WTF

  1. E

    Has the whole culture of America turned man child?… Did it begin with Jack Ass..Howard Stern….or Jerry Springer?. When did being a dick who says whatever you want and feels free to roam the world ogling women like shopping items on a shelf become the new norm? Maybe Adam Sandler was the gateway guy…I must admit I adored him at one point but now I find him irritating. But he was sort of spoofing man children in a way . When did it become ok though for grown adult men to act like teenagers well into adulthood , middle age, and even now senior years? Subwoofing their cars, making lewd comments to women, playing video games and smoking pot, even dangling steel testicles from the back of their trucks? Why are men in America failing to adult? Is it cool now to be rude and inconsiderate and sexist? Are men flirting with each other …because most women find it just sad. It certainly isn’t attractive to us. BUT…dont worry while they are busy male bonding in the forest or stadium, or generally busy being asshole jerks, tailgating women on the highway, stuck in teenage behavior, or embarrassing the entire nation in politics…women will be quietly taking over the world.

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