Lets Get This Straight…

I have been relatively silent in regards to recent incidents, more specifically the display of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, VA. However, there are a few things that must be addressed.

First, having black friends does not automatically mean you are not “racist.” Your black friends are not your scapegoats or “get out of jail free card” in these situations. They do not bail you out by simply existing in your realm of reality. You are not excused for the wrongdoing of your peers. In fact, having black friends and remaining mute contributes greatly to their oppression. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” In other words, by not vocalizing against white supremacy, neo-nazism, white nationalism, and alt-right shenanigans– your complicity acts as an endorsement. Your acquiescence of these ideologies disenfranchises and marginalizes your friends further because you have not done anything to disavow racism and hate. You have failed to defend them and their survival. Your privilege, therefore, allowed you to turn a blind eye and convinced you that this is not your fight or problem. It is your problem. It is everyone’s problem. We are all responsible.

Second, white pride and heritage are not real things. America, fundamentally, was established on subjugation and maltreatment of persons of color. The settlers committed genocide against the natives, and enslaved Africans in order to further their mission. That is not admirable nor is it commendable. So when phrases such as “white pride” and “white heritage” are utilized, they insinuate taking delight in that gruesome history. When you say Make America Great Again, you are implying that it once was. That the circumstances in America have always been fair to all people. Make America Great Again suggests that you support systematic oppression and other types of injustices, so long as they are to your benefit. The founding fathers are not heroes to people of color when the very document they signed proclaiming this nation’s principles denounces the humanity of persons of color (the three-fifths compromise in the constitution). Hence, why “white pride” and “white heritage” are logical fallacies. They literally advocate abhorrence and malice.

Third, and most important, pro-black does not mean anti-white. It never has. This one is practically self explanatory.

Best Regards

Ciara Alison

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