Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Summer is a few weeks in, so you’ve already fell in love by now, right? What are you waiting for?! Summer dating is the best time to date. Everyone is happy, the weather is amazing and the people are beautiful. But wait…
Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Below are a few cheap date ideas that are sure to help you tell if your Summer fling is the real thing.
Amateur Chopped
Hit the grocery store with your significant other. Buy each other some mystery items to make a meal out of. Take into account any allergies or preferences of course. If you’re not the best cooks that’s okay. This date is about effort, creativity and a willingness to tackle new challenges than it is winning. Are you and your boo advanced in culinary skills? Why not up the ante and say loser does the dishes? That should bring out some extra effort
Competitive Thrifting
Because going to buy other people’s stuff just isn’t interesting enough. Before you get started, set a spending limit. I suggest as high as $20 or as low as $10. Go to multiple thrift stores and buy the coolest items, gadgets, books, vinyl records, etc. you can find. Keep your purchases hidden from your partner along the way and once you’re done shopping reveal what you’ve bought. I’m sure you’ll both think you’ve won, so this is the time to elect a mutual friend(s) to vote on who won. Once you’ve won, do your victory dance and send the loser off to cook, clean, whatever you decide the reward to be.
Upscale Open Houses
This is a great way to see how the other half lives. Dress up with your date and hit an open house in a rich neighborhood, walk through the home, discuss what it would be like to live there; things you do and don’t like, how you’d rearrange the furniture, if the shower is up to your standards, anything works. Where can you find open houses near you? Zillow is a great resource, also will help you find places in your area that you can peruse. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can search for homes not offering open houses and schedule an appointment regardless. It’s your world after all.
This may be a date idea for those a bit deeper in their relationship, but if you’ve got faith you’ll get there than why not give it a shot. Meditation or prayer can be a powerful practice to adapt. Set up a comfortable area, sitting, standing, laying, however you feel you can stay for up to 20 minutes. Try to be close to your partner, dim the lights and begin to meditate.
For those new to meditation I recommend these guided videos here(10 minutes) and here(5 minutes). They will teach you how to focus your thoughts and increase your mindfulness. The world moves so fast, especially digitally. The practice of mindfulness and being okay with existing as it is worthwhile, for a date or not.
Volunteer Together
 I really enjoy this idea because it’s two birds with one stone. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” -Muhammad Ali. Find a cause you both care about similarly and then investigate a way to push that cause forward. This can be stopping by a children’s hospital to read one weekend a month, spending time at a food kitchen, donating supplies to a local Humane society, there are endless ways to give back.This is a project that will make you both feel good, not only about each other, but about yourselves.
Rock Climbing Wall
Hey, you said this would be cheap!? I know, this sounds really expensive when you think about renting gear, time, a place, etc. but I did not lie to you. There are plenty of spaces to climb rocks for under $30 a person in most major cities. Companies like Philadelphia Rock Gyms offers 1 hour clinics for $15-$25. Here you can learn the basics, get a great work out in and spend time together completing a worthwhile task. See, I told you it would be cheap, easy, and fun. Plus nothing is better than showing how strong you aren’t in front of your new bae. Sit down, be humble.
Personal Photographer
Today’s society is all about being happy. Well… all about other people being envious because you look really happy. Now that you’ve got a dedicated cohort, it’s the perfect time to stunt on the ‘Gram. Try hitting up your local, scenic areas: waterfronts, graffiti murals, trendy restaurants, upper class high rises, all the places you want to be seen. Have your boo take photos of you to post on your Instagram to show your followers not only are you happier than they are, but you get more likes for it too. Narcissistic, I know, but if Jay-Z is humble enough to spend time taking flicks of Beyonce you should be able to do the same for yours.

There’s a lot of ways to enjoy each other’s company, that don’t have to break the bank. Time is the one thing you can’t reproduce, so make sure wherever you’re spending that, it’s where you want to be and who you want to be with. For more date ideas stay tuned and if you have any suggestions or invitations (looking at you Olivia Munn) tweet me at @_ThreeStacks or Instagram me at @WillBradley3rd.

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