Wrong Tone, Right Message; Cost Local Coffee Shop Big Business

 A manager at the Lynn, Massachusetts  coffee shop White Rose took to Facebook last week and stated that  ” I will never allow a Coffee with a cop event to take place in my family’s establishment.”  Following the post with the explanation “If a cop wants to come in and pay full price just like every teacher, social worker, or single parent for a coffee and leave they’re welcome to but I will not be part of the false rhetoric that cops are just misunderstand off good guys. They uphold an unjust system and murder without consequence”. After her post went viral she was then terminated, and  it has been reported that she is now receiving death threats. Many others online  have promised to boycott the business. 

Can we take a step back for a second ? What exactly did she say?  Was she wrong for it ? It may not have been a smart business move. It may not have been the best language but there was truth to her post. Police officers are people behind their uniform. Can we agree on that statement ? All humans are capable of sin and deviant behavior. Can we agree on that statement ? If you can agree on those two statements than why its it so hard to believe that there are police officers that do not always follow the rules and take the law into their own hand.

However the issue is deeper then “good cop, bad cop”. The issue is the institutional racism that allows guilty police officer to recieve paid leave and eventually be aquitted. She did not say she would not serve law enforement. She simply stated that she would not promote the false ideation that ALL police officers are good. So why are people mad ? Because the truth hurts.

The city of Lynn has many great police officers who are engaged in the the community. But lets be honest the “Coffee with a cop” isn’t for OUR CULTURE. It’s for publicity and to show face. How many people you know are going to leave their hood, leave their environment, and go downtown to have coffee with a cop ? Ask yourself who this is really for?

Sophie’s decision to speak out on the truth in the wrong the manner may have cost her parent’s their business. The death threats and the hate comments that followed her post are just another way to silence those that choose to call out social injustice. If the right-wing conservatives won’t support this coffee shop I hope the CULTURE does. I’ll leave you with this …

“It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home.”

-Carl T. Rowan


Blogger: Franny Mat

Photo’s by: Gary Rosario

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